5 Tips for Rolling Out Your New App

Congratulation!  You have successfully published your app!

However, the app is only effective if it is downloaded, used and kept updated. To ensure your success, we want to give you some tips for rolling out your new app.

1. Get Members Excited

Going mobile is an exciting time so use this opportunity to do some cheer-leading with members.

Talk up the app for a few weeks leading up to the launch and provide hints as to how the app will help members better connect with church.

For instance talk about the loyalty feature that can be used to reward kids for involvement, participation and attendance in youth or kids church.

What parent wouldn’t want their child to get excited about church activities!

2. Test the App

Once your app is live on ITunes and Google Play, you will want to test the app. To do this, pick a few people who can help. Ask these folks to download the app and test the functions during a church service.

Think about who this test group might be and include people who may not be the typical demographic for using mobile technology.  You will want a diverse test group so that everyone is represented.

For instance, if there is an elderly person who has a mobile device, but is not necessarily tech savvy, ask them to help you test the app.

This will do a few things. It will communicate your desire to have all church members (with mobile devices) take advantage of the technology. It will also communicate that this is not a club for the young and hip crowd.

Ask your test team to use the app during a church service and have them test the mobile giving, sermon notes and any forms you may be using within the app.

Gather the group after church and get some quick feedback.  Use any feedback to make updates/changes to the app.

3. Gather a Tech Team

When you finally roll out the app, have a tech team available in the lobby to answer questions or offer help downloading or using the app.

Use this team to inform members and communicate the app features. You want people using the app. So the more members understand how the app’s built in features will help them – the more likely they will be to use it.

4. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

All too often organizations do a great job of communicating when something is new and exciting – but get lazy after a period of time. Figure out before the launch, how you will incorporate the communication of the app into every possible church communication.

For instance, take a team and brainstorm ways to help people know the app is available.  Things like, signage in the lobby, instructions to download the app on the church website; incorporate how to find the app into video announcements, etc.

Keep in mind that people visit churches every day and new people need to be aware of the use of this technology so they can maximize their church experience.

5. Weekly Update

Mobile apps are similar to websites in that the information is only as fresh as it is managed. Take the time to review the app once a week and update or add helpful information for members.

For instance, if your church is planning an event, make sure the event is added to the app as soon as you nail down a date and all necessary information.

Churches that use mobile technology have an advantage in that they are able to communicate and connect with members not only on Sunday morning, but all week long.

Take the time to communicate why the app is important, make it easy for members to jump on the band wagon and keep your app current and up-to-date – and you will be well on your way to providing a tool for members to engage with church.